Friday, 23 July 2010

Day Twelve

доброе утро as they say in Russia ;)
Drull roll for my self led project!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Day Eleven

Bad start to the day. First day with my Alarm app working again and the battery goes flat in the middle of the night. Typical :(

Beginning the day with writing up the events of yesterday, and writing up the whole experience at Site. I can't believe that tomorrow is my last day :( It only seems like yesterday that I walked into a room of quiet, quiet people....(Joking :) They're all awesome :D )

I began writing up my interview post for Part C, which can be seen just below this one on my trusty blog :) This (along with the random blog updating and note taking on today took up most the morning, so it was dinner in no time.

Met up with one friend (who's working as a civil servant) and we went to meet another who works at BT (I think I've mentioned?). And what did we see. Michael (BT kid) running towards us, still not having seen us but speeding up the pavements faster than I've ever seen him run. At least I thought it was towards us. Suddenly he veered sharply to the left and jumped on a bus just as the doors closed. We ran straight to the window and started jumping up and down like maniacs. When he looked up and saw us an evil grin spread across his face and as the bus pulled away he did the sort of wave you only expect to see in movies when the Goodies escape the Baddies.

Confused, we retreated again to the basement of MackyDs (As I believe it is now called by those who are 'with it') to find that the scoundrel had texted us. Here's what it read; Sorry Guys :( They've let me go at dinner today, so I decided to just go straight home. Was going to call you, but decided it'd be more fun to confuse you :D Seeing as you like that - priceless :) See ya round fools :)

This resulted in badmouthing him for the remainder of the meal, and comforting ourselves by saying how we were glad to be still at work, although deep inside, we both wish that we could have pulled off a trick like that :(

Getting back I began the long trawl through the interview sound clip, editing out all the bleeps and bloops. A very lengthy process, but time I'm willing to sacrifice for art ;) I would have finished it fairly quickly, and set off into the blogosphere, except for one tiny detail - you can't do anything on a mac without it trying to make life difficult for you. It crashed, wiping most of what I had done :( Brilliant. Just brilliant. Start again.

Half an hour later I'm finished, and pull the laptop towards me to get a better look at the saving screen boxes. Black screen. The life support power cable which makes up for the lack of working battery in the laptop came out. In a voice what I thought was relatively quiet, but turned out not to be so, I said (shouted) 'I hate Apple!'. I got up to stretch my legs while the blasted contraption restarted.

When I came back into the room, someone had put an actual apple on the keyboard of my Apple :D Very funny and all, but what do you do when this happens? Ask who's the apple is? Leave it till they come to take it back? NO! You eat it!

Computer restarted I finished (again) my editing and saved it this time, not risking a third crash from the 'trusty' state of the art technology. Lucy asked us about the biggest lie we've ever told and I told the tale of my (fake) three year stay in Russia, and how my friend willingly believes I'm fluent in Russian. If you ever read this Warren, I'm sorry but you are just so gullible :)

All was starting to go back on track once more. But it just wasn't going to be my day. My apple crashed for the third time while I was picking out photos for my Part D blog post. Giving up, me and Lucy (a journalism student working with us) just played hangman and tic-tac-toe for the last minutes of the day :).

We also had a look at the finished version of 'A Bit-Flat' (our version of the excellent 'In Flat Flat by Darren Solomon which we all recorded earlier in the week. Have a mess with the madness here -

Just before leaving I had a quick look at Bethany's Part D project, 'You Couldn't Put It On A Map...' which looks to be coming on great! A map of Sheffield dotted with pins locating memories of places different people have memories of. It looks really cool and neat apart from one pin that's miles out from all the rest, making the map stick out by two extra sheets in just one place. Still, an awesome idea!

Not much interesting at home did some blogging and watched a repeat of Sundays Topgear about motor-homes (RVs to you Americans out there) which made me LOL :D but a fairly quiet night by standard. Another 12 o'clock bedtime as well, meaning I'm going to be well and truly zombified by tomorrow :D

Until another day, Shalom my friend :)

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Arts Award - Part C

For Part C of my arts award I need to explore and research an inspiring person in the arts. And what better was to do research than in a 1-2-1 interview! I’ve gone for local painter Sean Williams because Vicky considers us both 'strange, but in a good way' :D

After doing a little research on the internet I concluded that I was just going to have to work with what I had heard about him. I knew he painted with incredible detail and that what he painted was unusual and a little about his work, and armed with this I came up with a range of questions that would not only help me find out more about him but also about a career as a painter. After work, Vicky and I set off to Bloc Studios where Sean has his studio.

When we got there a smiling Sean led us up a flight of stairs to his cosy studio where these incredibly detailed paintings hung over all of the walls! The detail was truly amazing! And where he worked? Well that was the studio of a TRUE artist - messy, paint everywhere, comfy sofa, works on the wall, and a well stocked mini fridge! He was such a nice man, welcoming us in and telling us how nervous he was. We set up the microphones pretty quickly and I got straight into the interview. These were the questions which I asked;

1. How would you describe yourself as an artist?

2. Why did you want to become an artist? Er, a painter!

3. If you wasn't a painter, what do you think you'd be doing now?

4. Who inspires you the most?

5. The first time it typed you into google to do research for this interview, the only thing that came up were two photos of a treehouse and a garden. I dismissed them as I knew you were a painter. It was only later when I went back to double check I hadn't missed anything that I noticed they were in-fact paintings. How do you fit so much detail into one painting?

6. Why do you paint with the detail that you do?

7. What’s the process you work to?

8. How long does it take to finish an average size piece?

9. Is being a painter you main source of income?

10. What’s got you making work here to Sheffield?

12. Do you have any advice for people considering art as a career?

13. How do you choose what you are going to paint?

To listen to the full interview (which I edited) go to: :)

After the interview we talked for a bit about his studio and how even creative writers (Like me :D ) can have studios, and a bit about Sean and his life. He also very very kindly let me take some photos for my own project (Part D of the Arts Award!). And I managed to get some cool shots. I think I've finally got the hang of the whole blurred background thing on fancy cameras :)

All in all the experience of researching and preparing questions, then interviewing a real artist was brilliant. Vicky gave me some excellent feedback says I did a really good professional interview and Sean gave me a real insight into how he works and why and I’m proud to share it with others on the radio!

Day Ten

I hate my dreams! Had some monstrous nightmare about giant flying spiders biting peoples heads off. I really need to lay off the cheese. Which would make scenes if I actually liked cheese. Perhaps it was dodgy milk. Or just a crossed wire in the old noodle pot :D

Today is going to be an odd post, ‘cause we weren't actually at Site for long, but instead at a totally different gallery called Bank Street Arts. First we set off into town on an ‘assignment’, taking photos for a mini competition for the best photo in the team entitled ‘Hidden Sheffield’. From there it was all a mish mash of madness. Got some great photos in the peace gardens for my Part D art project! When we got there we left for dinner pretty much straight away (well after a quick look around the exhibition we’d be introduced to later) I went to straight to Greggs and got ma Mexican chicken. I ate it whilst having a conversation with two friends in the basement of MackyD’s about breaking on to the roof of the BT tower, and whether shredding paper is as good as a stress ball for anger management.

All would have being well and good, but within just ten minutes my stomach was already trying to kill me :( I reckon it must've been a dodgy Mexican in the sandwich. There I was thinking 'Oh its OK, I'll get a sit down back at work'. Fat chance. The art for the afternoon; Taxidermy. It wasn't so much the fact that I didn't like what I was seeing, it was more the fact I just wanted a sit down. But I knew if I did that everyone would instantly assume I was squeamish, and I couldn't let that happen! So I fought the pain (clichéd I know :D ), and acted as normal.

The show was by Susanne Gent, an artist who used Taxidermy in her work. It wasn't all that bad actually. I mean, I'm no big fan of stuffing dead animals but I guess it’s still an art. And it wasn't as if she just stuffed them and left them, she did put a twist on the common features of Taxidermy, such as putting the glass casing in different places (like actually in the badger!).

After this we did a mish mash of other things, cleaning glass cabinets, having a go at arranging gallery displays and visiting some of the works of photographer Jackie Bellamy who is behind 'Laringogirls', (photos of ladies in women’s toilets!) and who recommended the pizza at the Riverside :)

Going back to Bank Street me and Lucy volunteered to paint one of the walls in the basement. And as I rightly said, 'It's like painting white on white!'. But, I didn't get much paint on me, (quite) a bit on the floor but other wise fairly mess free :) The idea with the labour stuff was to introduce us to the fact a lot of people in the arts, regardless of their job, end up getting their hands dirty. It’s the nature of the business!

An empty tram on the way home was a nice surprise. The first day in two weeks I've had a sit down on the way home. There was literally four seats to every one person, I think it’s the emptiest I've seen the trams ever!

So yeah a nice end to a miss mesh day :)
Nite yal :D

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Arts Award - Part A

For my Arts Award Part A, I decided to see whether I could develop my knowledge of photography. I decided to do this while doing my major project (Part D). During the two week of my work experience I used a camera a lot. Both a small ‘point and shoot’ and a smart SLR (the sort that has lots of controls and you can change the lens). The main things I learnt were related to composition and focus.

My self-led art project was great for learning and putting it into practice because it involved very staged (meaning set up) close-up photos. I had to make sure certain areas were in focus and I had to think of things like the rule of thirds (where objects sit in the frame) to get the most from how an audience will view the photo as well as get a message across. It was a tall order and I’ll be honest I took 100s of photos! But Vicky said that was normal and the more I took the more I learned. I also had to think about how to get my ideas across through photography which is not always easy but I think I've done a good job.

I feel confident now with using a big camera. And even photographing unusual things and people I don’t know. You’ll see that form the photos!

Arts Award - Part B

Exhbition review - 'Chronicles' by Haris Epaminonda

An arts events review. I don't think I've ever reviewed something before, so this could either be wonderfully brilliant or disastrously terrible. Here goes...

We went to a lot of exhibitions as part of my apprenticeship. I chose to review 'Chronicles' by Haris Epaminonda, which is showing at the Site Gallery in Sheffield from the 11th June until the 21st August 2010. The exhibit features five looped films projected in small squares onto the walls of the gallery, accompanied by a range of often eerie sounds. At first glance I found it a bit dull. It was only after I gave it a closer inspection and a guided tour of the works that I began to see more of what it was about.

I noticed of the imagery seemed to convey the life of a particular culture. For example, one of the projections showed a series of videos of ruins mixed in with photos of statues of people, which I believe were of Greek origin. Similar to this, another showed a long slideshow of pots along with some videos of men working in fields, both of which reminded me of oriental culture. Other than these two fairly obvious ones, the rest would have being impossible to figure out without the tour.

One of the videos is very particular to the history of the artist who was born in Cyprus, a country whose ownership has long being disputed between the Greeks and the Turks. The video depicts a palm-tree and a sign post, which I imagine is the borderline between the two sections. I liked this because although there wasn't much movement, when put into context and the background sounds taken into account, it had a real atmosphere to it.

In a separate room to the others, all alone in a corner, a projection showed a silent film of animals performing in a circus ring, something which is now outlawed in most developed countries. The silence added a tenseness and focus to what, if shown to us in a different way (i.e. without sound) can suddenly be seen differently.

Up to now, all the imaginary for me suggested links to the past, whether it be a past borderline in a country or an entertainment act which no longer happens. But the next clip for me goes and scraps any connections I made so far, but is still the most unusual and interesting for me. A car dragging an olive tree in circles round a field, while a small pack of dogs watch over the scene. This happens continuously, with a fair amount of time passing before the clip begins the loop again, and yet no motive for these actions is ever revealed. Stuff like this intrigues me, and I would never have being able to walk away from that scene like the artist apparently did without any explanation of why! How she did it I'll never know.

The background noise was a mix of smooth calming noises such as the wind and running water and loud booming noises like the striking of a gong. All of which II thought added to the strange timeless quality of the work.

The films where also all shot with something called 'Super 8', which I don't have a clue about, (except that it’s real film rather than digital video) but it made the footage look quite old, and a little mysterious which I liked :)

On the whole it was a fairly good and interesting exhibition, but I would have like to see just a bit more of how it linked together and even better, to have met and interviewed the artist. Maybe two or three extra projections would have made it complete:D

Day Nine

(Today’s studio = the busiest the room’s been in ages - 15 people!)

Today has being a great today. Today has being brilliant. Today should be the standard that all other days have to live up to, making the world a happier, awesomer place :D

Very tired this morning. Four after twelve o'clock bedtimes are starting to take their toll. Struggling to keep eyes open, but I will fight on regardless! And by fight on, I mean I won't fall asleep :)

There was good news amongst the blurred vision and impaired hearing. The nice chaps who make my 'your music alarm clock' sent me an email apologizing for the apps crashing, and saying that they would fix it for tomorrow morning! I've never seen such good customer service! Thank you nice people :)

Got to work in a great mood, and started writing up all my arts award stuff and nonsense. I finished my Part B review of an art exhibit which I'm rather pleased with considering I've never reviewed anything. I also managed to get something roughed out about my Part A, but it’s a bit messy so I'll tidy that up later :)

Dinner was a bit of a flop, both of my friends bailing on me to sit in business meetings. "Mexican Chicken on my lonesome in the Winter Gardens I guess" :(

After a quiet dinner our studio was the busiest it’s been since our first day. All I was doing was finalising my questions for my interview with painter Sean Willaims, just being quiet and minding my own business, when all of a sudden these ninjas came out of nowhere! They came through the roof, the floor, the windows and EVEN the door! OK, so maybe that's exaggerated. They only came through the door. And yes, when I say ninjas, I mean various creative types. Tomato tomato. And I've just realised that that only works out loud :(

Anyway, the 'ninjas' flooded into the room! An animation graduate with Billy, a time lapse film maker with Jessy, two of Bryony’s friends for her photo project, Kim with Lucy and then Ben milling around in the background. It was quiet a nice atmosphere actually :D From this it just became more and more of a fantastical rush, getting better and better until the end :D

After work I went to interview an artist called Sean Williams, and I'm going to leave the details for the arts award post, but it was amazing! He was such a cool guy, and if you have the time I'd really recommend hearing what he had to say in my edited interview! After that I managed to get some more photos for my Part D that Sean kindly let us shoot in his studio. He even let me use him as a prop :)

After this it was good bye, rush home, get changed, eat/drink soup, rush to town. I went to see the a performance of Alice at the Crucible. And it was awesome! The acting was great, the jokes were funny, the plot was clever, and it was just generally an awesome experience! I'd greatly recommend to anyone who is considering going :D

And it doesn't finish there! Getting home I was given my scores for my Grade 5 clarinet exam, which were (just) a pass so I went to bed feeling pleased with my self :D After a nice chat with a friend (which cost me nearly two pound in credit!) I dropped off going into the nice swirly world of dreams...

Monday, 19 July 2010

Arts Award - Part D

Right, this is long over due. Here is the plan...
Anyone who is accustomed to facebook will know of the millions of groups that circulate, each dedicated to a habit which most people have, such as pretending to text people in 'awkward situations'. My project for Part D is about focusing on some of these groups printed onto card and then photographing them in different (but appropriate) places around town. In doing this, I will be developing my photography skills and also learning how to use text in art, which covers my criteria for Part A :) Two birds with one stone and all that :)

Doing it: I got the rest of my group to help me choose some commonly liked Facebook groups that would work printed on cards then ‘left’ around town. The actual work is the photos I took. I also got the rest of the group to help me make decisions on how and where to take the phones. I did two lots of location shots to get enough photos to choose from. And I didn’t get to use all the titles that I printed as it was actually a lot of work and experimentation. I did take loads, just to get a good shot, but apparently that’s normal for a photographer to do! Check out part A for more information.

Really pleased with my final work and happy that I got to include everyone in my group! Go Fogg. And here’s the final gallery!

Day Eight

Tip No.1 for setting an alarm-clock on a phone - never set it so that it makes the same noise as your ringtone. What followed was a ten minute scene which could have being straight out of a comedy sketch, featuring a half asleep me attempting to talk to a none existent caller and waking up half the family in the process. Not a good start to the morning, but it'll make a funny story to tell later :)

Quite a lively day today, and much improved weather was much appreciated :D We began the day with a visit to Yorkshire Art Space (YAS), which I thought was awesome! YAS is a huge complex of artist and maker studios just a stones throw from Site Gallery. The idea of having your own studio that you can do anything with really appealed to me, but I'm not sure if the idea of making the 'sellable' type of art for profit really appeals to me. Still, something to consider.
As part of our tour an artist called Emilie Taylor showed around her exhibition of ceramic pots she has made. She also explained how exhibitions at YAS work (and how they differ from other galleries) and where inspiration for her pots and plates comes from. I really liked how she had drawn all the flats that can be seen all over Sheffield, but had also decorated them in the background with old fashioned flower prints like old wallpaper. We also visited a Silver Smith in one of the bigger studios, and were given a rundown on how things worked there by Rachel Dodd, the project manager.

One thing I've noticed at the art galleries is that they all seem to have ginormous doors! Doors that are sometimes twice the height of me, running the full height of the building! It’s as if they're expecting some really tall person to come waltzing round Sheffield demanding to see every gallery there is!

After a quick dinner, I went out with Lucy and a photography student called Emily who came in to assist us with taking photos for our individual Part D projects. I think I got some nice shots, but there's still more to do, and some need redoing :( More on this in the blog to follow). In fact more on everything in the Arts Award post to follow :)

After getting back not much else happened, so that's where I'll leave it for today :)
Adios Amigos :D

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Day Seven

(weekend blogging:) Turns out I never watched the film. V for Vendetta it was, and I was all settled and ready to watch. But ten minutes in, my sister came in. Within minutes it was deemed inappropriate, and was forced to retire to bed. She of course did what she always does and stuck Friends on, the same episode for the third time today. Not all was lost however, as I did get some reading done :D

The main filler of the day was viewing potential flats with my Grandma who is planning to move, but frankly, that's nothing to write home about. Also, I have now finalised the most of the photos and captions for Bethany's Part D project, and will be taking the remainders before work tomorrow :)

I did however watch Titanic for the first time! And I was amazed! I'd always put it down a bit of a boring film given the length, but once I got sucked in all that went away. I was truly amazed. Instantly goes into my top five film list. Although that ain't all that hard, being as most the films I want to watch are instantly discredited as unsuitable and so never get watched.

Yet again, I will promise to post more details about my Arts Award projects tomorrow so that you have a better idea about what my plans are :)

After two very quiet days, I can't wait to get back to work and be busied again :D
Much more to report soon! - Josh

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Day Six

(saturday) Quite a busy day considering I wasn't at work.

I began the day with a nice leisurely browse of the funny-pics stored on my iPod. I tell you, if one day these become of some importance, I WILL be the most prepared man on earth. Until then, it’s just an annoying habit that means I never have any free space for new songs, apps and other more important things.

I would have happily laid there all day LOLing at others EPIC FAILS, but as normal my battery died. Seeing no other reason to stay there any longer, I got ready and began sorting out all the loose ends that I'd left for the weekend. How hard could it be?

I began with doing my part in Bethany's Part D project, 'You Couldn't Put It On A Map...'. The Assignment? Take photos of five places in Sheffield that you have memories of. That's the task. Simple right? Wrong. Turns out that despite me having lots of places in mind, I can't really remember where they are. Curse of having a bad memory. Still, I managed to find six places that fit the bill, just have to take the photos now. Leave that for tomorrow :)

After dinner, I tried to do some research for my interview of Sean Williams on Tuesday. Tried being the vital word in that there. After nearly two hours of searching I still found nothing except some cool pixilated billboard photos and some pictures (impossible to tell if they were photos or paintings!). Have to try again tomorrow.

Giving in there, I moved straight onto my own project, which involved yet more research. Wish I'd done this a bit earlier. I'll probably post details of what I'm doing tomorrow, just in time for the beginning of week two :D

Not much after that apart from writing this blog, which, I don't know about you but for me has being rather dull and a bit short (Again). Might watch a film, but unless there's something in it that fills me with floods of inspiration you'll probably never hear of that again.

I guess that's it. Rather disappointing really, for the day that had so much promise. Kinda like buying a really high quality kit car - it's only as good as you make it. If you don't fit the wheels on right, its gonna be a disappointing drive.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Day Five

'Grab a taste of Friday!' - and todays taste is McFlurry!

Today felt like a sort of a round up day at the Site. Stuff from earlier in the week was being finished, and stuff from next week just being started, so this will probably be the most brief of my entries :(

Woke up feeling very tired. Note to self: stop having late nights, watching rubbish TV and messing on Facebook. I'm only about two hours extra a day from addict territory! Anyways, I've digressed (although it wouldn't be for the first time :D ). I was really tired, but none the less determined to enjoy my day.

The morning was mostly about finishing blogs, finishing iMovie, finishing Part B questions, finishing Part D idea, get the idea. Just before dinner I went with Vicky for a chat and finalised all the details for my arts award.

After this I had another great dinner with two mates, where I tasted a McFlurry for the first time. And man, it was good! Not Lucazade standard, or even Simpsons style doughnut, but it was good! Afterwards they went to HMV to play some sort of FIFA demo, and I went back to the grind. If you can call it a grind. It’s more of a float. That's it a daily float. No, that still doesn't sound right. How about a :)

Never have been very good at coming up with comparisons :) Back at the gallery I finalised my art project and then shared it with the rest of the group - Bringing Facebook groups that pertain to everyday actions and thoughts, into the everyday via photography. Because of this the rest of the day for the others mainly involved scouring Facebook for unusual groups! (More on the 'why?' in the related Arts Award post :D )

However, for me and Billy (who just this afternoon, broke the social networking barrier!), we had one last mission. To go and sit in Haris Epaminonda’s exhibition and make notes for our reviews. Handy that it’s right here at Site Gallery!

A quiet day it was. And now a weekend? Two days of free time? What am I supposed to do now!?


Thursday, 15 July 2010

Day Four

Thursday was just one of those days where I just knew things weren't destined to go my way. Alarm-clock app didn't work (again. Why am I still trusting it?), leaving me feeling rather disorientated when I woke up not having a clue what time it was.

I got to work early and not really knowing how. After that the morning seemed to pass in a flash, updating my blog, doing more research for Part D, and beginning to upload our footage from Tuesday into iMovie (a four hour process I tell ya!). There was also a random moment of big screen YouTubeing, where we watched the delights of 'Extreme LED sheep', 'Starwars Kid' and 'Flying Lawnmower'. THIS is the reason YouTube is great!

With iMovie slowly chugging away, I went for dinner. Which is where things started to go wrong. I went to see Graves Gallery to see whether their exhibition would be suitable for my Arts Award Part B after spending well over half an hour wandering round the rest of the gallery, I came to the exhibit only to find it closed. After an inquiry, I found out that they were bringing an new exhibit in, and so had closed the one I wanted to review. Damn. With the next exhibit not opening till the day the work experience finished, I was kinda stuck. Getting my phone out to make a note of the new exhibits name, I noticed the time. And I've done it again. Five minuets to run half way across town, get dinner, eat it, then all the way back to Site. This was going to be fun.

Ten minuets later I was sat back in front of my iLaptop eating my mexican chicken sandwich, editing in iMovie, and making a mess (worst choice of sandwich to eat in front of people). Eating finished, I got stuck in with the movie making. Or rather, I would have got stuck into the movie making if my iMovie wasn't set up differently to everyone else's. Simple software? HA! It was only after having watched nearly twenty minuets of tutorials that I could even begin to put it together into something that even slightly resembled a film. Window Movie maker might not be state of the art, but it is SO much simpler!

After this, Ben gave us a little insight into what he does in his work, which in my opinion was some of the most interesting work we've seen all week! I loved the idea of bringing the outdoors indoors through technology. Would have loved to see that in action. Ben also helped us record some weird youtube multi-screen video, which involved recording many different snippets of sounds. I started on my clarinet, and was fairly pleased with what I did, although I still went a bit croaky at the high note (I swear, its not my fault!). After this we had a whole range of quircky sounds, coming from all sorts of places. Can't wait to see how it will sound! But, then, Bethany got out her violin. And I swear, it was the most beautiful sound I've ever heard. I've never even seen a violin before, let alone hear one in person. It was a truly amazing noise, an awesome experience.

After another talk with Vicky about my Part D, and a little more research it was time for home. I know now what the phrase 'Bringing home the office' means. Vicky, has given me 74 sheets of facebook groups, from top to bottom. After finally bringing my blog up to date (finally!), and skim reading some of the sheets, already most of my evening was gone. But that didn't matter. Caus' McFly was playing in the background, and I felt on top of the world!

Then a friend came on MSN, and after just ten minuets of talking about life, girlfriends, and school I'd gone from top of the world to the shadow of depression street. Now I don't mind listening to friends problems, but just that little chat changed the whole mood of the day for me, and its only when looking back now at what I actually did that I realise how good a day it really was.

Sometimes you really need to step back to appreciate how great something really is.
Night :)

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


My self led project [Part D of my Arts Award]
Everyday Situations That Pertain To Fan Pages

Arts Award Introduction

This is a post about the arts award explaining what the requirements are for each section of the award making understanding of what I'm waffling on about later much clearer.

PART A - Taking part in a arts activity

For this part I have to choose a arts or media activity which I enjoy and then improve my skills at doing that activity. For this I've choose creative writing and (maybe) photography, which I will hopefully combine to make my final project in Part D

PART B - Going to arts events

For this I have to record a visit to an arts event, and then write about it and share my experience with other which I will do on this blog :) My visit was going to be to the Graves Gallery in the Central Library, an exhibit featuring many photos of artists, but I found out today when I visited that is closed to make way for a new exhibit which will open the 21st, the day before my work here is done. Because of this, new plans need to be made for my Part B.

PART C - Arts heroes and heroines

For this section we have to research an artist, and the story of their career. And you can't get better research than a 1-2-1 interview! Some time next week I'll be interviewing an artist who actually work very near to the gallery, and who I've being told is a very interesting person to talk to. The whole interview will be posted here for yours truly to read :D

PART D - Arts apprenticeship

For the final part, I have to share my arts skills and knowledge with others. For this, Vicky has organised a Master Project scheme, with each of us devising a idea that not only gets the whole group of us involved, but also gets the general public involved. So far all I have is a weird mesh of Facebook Groups, Photography and Creative writing, but I hope that over the weekend to simplify it and put it in a way that makes sense and has the making of something I'll be proud of :D

That's all for now, but stay tuned and there will be regular updates about how each section is coming along, as well as any photos and movies I manage to take along the way :)

Day Three

It's day three in the Site Gallery, and Josh is starting to get used to how the iLaptop things work :D Major break through!

No problems getting up this morning, woke up automatically and was instantly in a good mood! Hoping it would last, I let off to work with a spring in my step :D

After typing some more on my blog (which is only getting posted today, Thursday!), we got stuck into fiddling with the ins and outs of photoshop. Man, if I had a bit more money I'd buy it. Hell! If I had a bit more money I'd buy an Apple! For now though on my non existent budget I guess I'll have to make do with Perhaps I should get a Saturday job?

After this we discussed what we would do for our Arts Award, to progress of which I will post on here under a new section called, surprisingly, Arts Award which can be found on the Menu tab of the Blog role to the right.

Then dinner. No friends today - one off ill and the other in a business meeting (Muhahaha!), so just me for Greggs today (Oh.... :( Damn). Ten minutes later I was sat in a bench in the winter gardens, eating a Mexican chicken sandwich and a classic Simpson's style doughnut. Yum :D. Oh, and a bottle of Lucazade sport. That's another story in itself. Up until a month ago, it was my belief that all types of Lucazade were fizzy, no matter what the flavor. And me not liking fizzy drinks (yes, I know its strange!) means that I've never tried Coke, Dr Pepper, or any of that gang. So imagine my surprise when it randomly crops up in conversation...

Friend: I like this sport stuff, but I don't half prefer the fizzy stuff
Me: What do you mean? They're all fizzy?
Friend: What? Where've you been? Non-fizzy Lucazades been out ages?
Me: What? What!
Friend: Here, have rest a mine
Me: *after long drink* WOW! JUST, WOW!

I kid you not, this was my reaction! The main appeal of the drink for me is how hyper it makes me feel. The lack of fizzy drinks combined with minimal sweet consumption has lead to me becoming very, very bouncy after a bottle. For me, its like drinking some magic liquid! I love the stuff! The rest, as they say, is history, having had one everyday since I discovered it, giving me that boost I need to push me past finish line that is period five! Amazing stuff...yeah.

After dinner was very quiet, just thinking about the arts award and what I can do for my final project. I continued the chat after finishing time with Vicky and I decided that I would like to combine my love of writing with some sort of Facebook project. Time to get my thinking cap on :) I also found out that one of the people helping on the scheme called Kim went to City (my school) so we had a chat about how it changed, and mostly about its falling reputation. But still, it was interesting to hear about how the school has changed, in some places for the better!

That's it!Day three over! So...bubedeh, buhbedeh, That all folks!

Day Two

Damn alarm clock app didn't go off. Again. It's great being woke up by music of my choice, but if it has no sense of time what so ever, what use is that? Half an hour late it was! Half an hour! iPod technology may be state of the art and all that, but what is the world coming to if it can't even tell the time? I wouldn't get this from other alarm clocks. Those old fashioned ones with the shiny bells on top. Now they'd never let you down. Wonder where a guy could get one of those?

Today was a weird at the site gallery. We seemed to do so much in just one day. Looking back and trying to remember an order in which everything happened now is impossible (for me anyway. Memory like a sieve.), so if this is all wrong and wobbly I do apologise :)

At the start of the day we finished yesterdays rushed intro into blogging, and I worked a bit more on the notes on what I would post. In case you hadn't already noticed, I'm already two days behind schedule, posting this about the Tuesday on the Thursday. Hopefully though, with some sheer determination and a endless supply of Lucazade (a story for another day :D), I'll be up to date by the end of the week!

It didn't seem long before it was dinner, where I randomly bumped into two friends from school. After a McDonalds BigMac (Yum :D ) I went with them to see where they were working. No offense guys but the BT tower and a Healthy Schools program - I believe I've got he better deal :D

Running late, I ran back to the gallery hoping I wouldn't be to late. All was well, they were all just setting of to go and see the exhibit downstairs. The deputy director of Site Jeanine Griffin explained the collection to us, and pointed out the emphasis on circles and loops among all of the works. It turned out to be a collection of five looped movies, projected quite small onto the walls. With most of them they seemed rather simple, and In the case of one with some endlessly looping photos, a little dull. One however, with various shots of a circus caught my attention, with elephants stood on miniscule platforms, and crocodiles walking among the audience. I'm going to do an in-depth review on this exhibition as part of my Arts award later this week, so I'll have more chance to think about the connect, and give you my reader a further insight into the way I see it.

After this we had two very nice but very different chaps come in and talk to us about their love of producing movies. The first was a man called Rob Speranza, a self taught film producer who makes shorts, produces for movies from five minute wonders all the way up to feature films. He also runs the South Yorkshire Film Network which sounded interesting, and might even be worth some extra research. In fact, one of my colleges called Billy is interviewing him later today (So Thursday. Confusing yes I know), so I'll be very interested to what extra info he manages to find out.

The second was a guy called Richard Bolman, an opportunist photographer and film maker who showed us some (what i thought were some) abstract films about the Sheffield eye and some rotating solar panels. I thought the shadow shots in the 'eye' film were cool, but other than that I much preferred Robs fast paced mystery murderer film.

After this me and a girl called Bethan paired up, and went down to a photography studio downstairs. The room was set up with all cool professional photography equipment, big white sheet, big black camera, big umbrellas, the works! She took some of me (one of my favourite can be seen to the right) and then I took some of her (which can be seen on her blog here Being my first time using a proper camera, I was rather pleased with my self :).

After this, we went out to the train station and filmed some random snippets which we were told would come in use later (Oooo! Mysterious!)

And thats it! Day two over! A very busy day, even when compared to a day before coursework deadline! Until next time, Goodnight!

Day One

I was nervous. VERY nervous. More so than my first day at school. More so than before an exam. I usually suffer with nerves, but never like this. I was actually shaking, stumbling over my words. I knew it was stupid, but all sorts of questions were whizzing round my head, none of which would be answered until I actually went to work. I know first day nerves are normal, and should just be ignored, but my brain doesn't like to operate in that nice, forgiving manor. Instead it likes to mess with me, give me something to keep me on my toes. Good ol' brain. It's only afterwards when I'm writing this now how ill-founded they actually were.

It turned out to be great! I would be working with seven other creative teenagers working on Apple laptops, visiting art galleries, and just generally being artistic for two weeks - awesome! We were given an introduction to the work by Vicky, went over the usual safety information and then just got stuck in, discussing what we'd be doing over the next two weeks.

So far so good.

Then dinner came.

Not the actual dinner, but the time. I was overjoyed with the fact that we could go anywhere in town for dinner, and had a full three quarters of an hour to eat it. That's fifteen minutes more than at school! But me - I was massively unprepared. It wasn't until I left the building that I realised I'd made bad decision number one - I was on my own. I'd made no arrangements to meet anyone what so ever. Typical me that. Deciding what to do next, I sat down on a bench. Bad decision number two. Just that morning it had being pouring with rain (typical Sheffield :D), and so the bench was soaked with rain. I leapt of the bench, the water already seeping through my jeans. Great. This was going to be a fun afternoon.

Having had dinner, I went back to the gallery. I sat down for part two of my first day feeling slightly damp, but determined to enjoy it all the same. A woman called Leslie Gui came in and gave us a talk on contemporary art. I actually really enjoyed it, and found out about some interesting new artists called John Stezake, Chris Ofili, and Susan Hiller, all of whom I wouldn't mind finding out more about. In paticualer John Stezaaker's photo layering art really convinced me that a photo does not have to stop at being a photo, it can evolve and be so much more! I might even have a go at doing some myself! In fact, I definitely will! When they're done, I'll post them on here for all to see, so stay tuned!

With not much time left we roughly introduced to our blogs, (which by the way Mr government people, are much better than those diary things you handed out) and then it was time to leave.

That's day one over! Bring on day two!
This is Foggy boy, over and out!

Monday, 12 July 2010

A Small Introduction From Myself


I've been down this street before, sat in front of the glowing computer screen for hours on end, writers block slowly driving me mad. And when anything did get blogged, and passed the many hours of editing, it always seemed robotic, as if it was being forced from my brain. Well not this time! Now I have a purpose, a plan, a reason to blog. And anyway, a lot has changed since those disastrous attempts (hopefully :D).

This time I'm logging the going ons of my work-experience, and the ideas and thoughts (no-matter how wacky) this provokes. For the next two weeks I will be working at Sheffield's Site Gallery, taking part in the Site Young Apprentice Scheme. It's gonna be one heck of a ride, so stick around, and maybe, just maybe you'll get some wacky inspiration to!